Baccarat Game Rules

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Baccarat Card Counting

Counting the points of Baccarat card games. If the face of the card is a number 2 – 9 will count the points according to the number on the face of the card. The number 10 is worth 0 points. The letter A is worth 1 point and the letters J, Q, K are is worth 0 points

how to calculate points

playing baccarat Will deal cards to 2 parties, namely the banker and the player will receive 2 cards each side. But if getting points less than 6 can call 1 additional card, then take the points obtained come together

Baccarat Game Rules

for example

  • You have bet on the Player side, the Player side gets 8 and 9 cards with a combined total of 17 points, indicating that these two cards have a total of 7 points and if the Banker side has a total of more than 7 points in the event that the Banker does not have 8 points and 9 points, which will be 2 cards or 3 cards, you can win.
  • The way to bet on the banker’s side, the banker’s side has a card of 9 and J, indicating that these two cards have a total of 9 points. If the player’s side has a card total of less than 9 points, you will win as well.

The total point of baccarat will have a maximum value of 9 points, while 8 points are considered the next high card. If the opponent’s first two cards are less will not be able to summon more and immediately lost

But if the first two cards do not have either side getting 8 or 9 points, they can draw cards to continue fighting. But the cards must be called according to the rules set forth. Can’t summon cards as you wish Which the dealer must strictly follow the specified rules.