Dragon Tiger formula, check the past stats for 5 eyes, get a lot of things to bet on

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The current Dragon Tiger card game There are many formulas to choose from. Although betting patterns do not need to be analyzed or counted. For choosing a formula to use will increase the chances of success even more. Which is very important Especially choosing to look at the statistics of the past prize draws. and analyzing the obtained data. and choose to bet more confidently Like the formula for checking statistics back 5 turns. Which is a technique that is very popular in playing this UFABET game.

Dragon Tiger formula, check the past stats for 5 eyes, get a lot of things to bet on
  1. Choosing to use the Dragon Tiger formula check the statistics for the past 5 eyes. What came out a lot. This formula, players need to view the past statistics. to choose to see which side has the most output, for example, found that the dragon has the most output
  2. Then clearly set the goal of the bet. Both about profit and funds chosen to bet
  3. To start the first bet, start with a small capital first, such as 50, 100, 200, depending on the power of each person.
  4. If it is found that the dragon comes out the most, only stab on the dragon side. Until the stab goes wrong or losing bet 4 times in a row
  5. In the case of being able to play, it should not be tapped. Should use the same betting formula every time, whether playing or losing, in order to reduce the risk. and clearly define the capital every time you play

It can be seen that looking at the statistics that have drawn the prizes of all the past cards. Choose to look back at least 5 times for the accuracy of the analysis. Because past statistics will be a great source of information. compared to choosing to bet on the side according to feelings or non-directional guesswork. Which is more harm than good. So it shouldn’t take that risk.

For choosing to view historical statistics as the basis of the data of using the Dragon Tiger formula. To focus on the bet on the side that produces the most points. This is the formula that many people choose to use the most as well. Because it’s choosing a side And look at the card layout called the Dragon card layout. It is a form of issuing bets on either side consecutively.

by the layout of cards like this It is a favorite for many gambling masters. Because the chances of betting being successful continuously about 6-7 times. It is the golden moment of making money into the bag continuously. until the card layout is dropped from the original