Hurry up! Keane was on the pitch for just 40 seconds, getting red in Roma’s defeat.

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Juventus striker Moise Kean became the third fastest player to be sent off the field in Serie A when he was substituted just 40 seconds into the plate. Luka Mancini in the game that Zebra lost 0-1 to Roma.

football italia Media in Macaroni Land News reports that Moise Kean. The Juventus striker on loan from Everton and has the option to buy outright.  Recorded as the 3rd fastest dismissal in Serie A when coming on as a substitute late in the game. But instead quickly received a red card in the match that the agency went out. Losing almost 0-1 to Roma in a league game on Sunday, March 5th.

Hurry up! Keane was on the pitch for just 40 seconds, getting red in Roma's defeat.

The UFABET game at Stadio Olimpico, Rome’s wolves, who still has Jose Mourinho, a hot-tempered trainer, on the sidelines. Because no reports of a two-match ban have been submitted. Causing the punishment to be postponed first. And they won the house by beating their opponents 1-0 thanks to a goal from Gianluca Mancini in the 53rd minute. But the key point of this game was that the 23-year-old striker played less than a minute. have to leave the field

In which this incident occurred in the 89th minut., Keane had just been replaced by Juan Cuadrado, kicked out of the game on Mancini. The referee immediately raised a red card and was expelled. This gave him just 40 seconds on the pitch. The third highest on the record, behind Giuseppe Lorenzo, who had just 10 seconds against Bologna on 9 December 2016. 1990, before he was shown a red card for elbowing Parma legend Luigi Apolloni.

Another incident took place on December. When Guilio Migliaccio punched him 32 seconds on the field during Atalanta’s 3-3 win over Palermo. 0 The red card in this game was Keane ‘s first in his career in the Italian league. But when playing for Affiliation from the British Isles. He was sent off in the League Cup game. visiting Huddersfield on August. 

For the defeat in this game, Juve stopped the record for winning league games at 4 games, still having 35 points from 25 games, ranked 7. The next match will be the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 game. Visit Freiburg on Thursday March 9, while Wolves have added 47 points from 25 games, ranking fourth in the Europa League visit to Real Sociedad on Thursday as well.