Klopp reveals why he didn’t raise his fist after the game + reveals the moment that rages on the fans

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp revealed why he didn’t ask for a fist gesture after his side’s 7-0 Premier League thrashing of Manchester United last night.

Jürgen Klopp believes it is not the right time to celebrate over. after he chose to Not making a fist gesture to Liverpool fans following their 7-0 win over Manchester United at Anfield. Last night (Sunday 5 March 2023), Manchester United suffered their worst defeat under Erik ten Hag as Cody Kakpo opened the scoring for Liverpool. Before Klopp’s UFABET team scored 6 more goals in the second half

Klopp reveals why he didn't raise his fist after the game + reveals the moment that rages on the fans

          Mohamed Salah and Darwin Nunez scored two goals each, and Kakpo netted his second with a superb close-range finish as Roberto Firmino fired in. At the end, celebrate the great victory of the team. and traditionally Klopp will be celebrating a big win for Liverpool supporters with a punch or a fist pump with the Kop on the pitch or in the away stand. It’s a trademark for the 55-year-old , but he decided not to do it after the Manchester United win.

          “Yeah it’s not about louder noises, we have to keep going, just keep going,” Klopp said when asked by the BBC why he hadn’t done the fist-pumping gesture to the Liverpool supporters. “I like that. But obviously I can’t do that after every game. ” I like that they asked [to do it]… I shouldn’t be overly happy when they sing my songs. It was like, ‘Oh my god, is there nothing else?’ But I was grateful. There will be moments when we achieve what we want this year. Then we had enough time to put our fists together.”

          During the game, Klopp also expressed his anger at a Liverpool fan who ran onto the pitch injuring Andy Robertson. The Liverpool boss yelled at the fans who stormed onto the pitch as the Reds thrashed Manchester United 7-0 in the 88th minute to celebrate with the players. But it looks like he slipped and injured his left-back.

     The Scotland international appeared in pain as security guards surrounded fans. And finally he was dragged away by the field staff. Robertson can continue to play. But when the supporter was brought past Klopp’s face The German manager yelled angrily at the supporters, fearing his left-back would be at risk of injury. Klopp had to be held back by the linesman and kept the Reds manager calm on the touchline. Fortunately, Robertson was able to continue playing.

          Meanwhile, the 55-year-old coach praised Robertson after the game. “Robbo is Robbo,” Klopp said. “He got 90 minutes [after Wolverhampton break] and I think he benefited from that today.” Today’s performance is great. Soaring Scotsman! That was the ultimate situation.”