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Gourd Crab Fish Game It is another game that is very popular in online casino websites. Because the gourd-crab-fish game is a fun game. It’s a game that ends quickly. and able to make profits quickly So we can see gourds, crabs, fish games online generally according to online casino websites.

Gourd Crab Fish Game is a betting game that originated from China. for the rules including how to play It will be similar to the Hi-Lo game of our country. with a style of play that has three dice playing equipment which each side of the dice It consists of 6 different images: gourds, crabs, fish, shrimps, tigers and chickens. Let’s see together in the next topic.

For websites that are open to play gourd, crab, fish games, there are a lot to choose from. If you can’t choose, you can go to see reviews of various websites that we have made for you to click to learn more. online casino review to read reviews of each website

For the betting form of gourd, crab, fish game It is very similar to placing Hi-Lo bets. In which you can place all 9 types of bets as follows

Play online gourd, crab, fish

betting pattern and betting conditions

1. Low Bets – High Bets

It is a bet on the total points of all 3 dice that come out in that turn. To count the dice points will be counted according to the symbols of the dice according to the following pages

symbol of the diceset to colornumber of points
fishset to red1 point
shrimpset to green2 points
calabashset to blue3 points
tigerset to blue4 points
crabset to green5 points
chickenset to red6 points

For each roll of the dice, there will be a total score ranging from 4 – 17 points. The bet is divided into low-point bets. The score is between 4 – 10 and bet on high points. The score is between 11 – 17 points. The payout rate is 1: 1 times.

For example: low bet, amount 100 baht, if the result of rolling the dice is gourd (3 points), gourd (3 points), fish (1 point) = 7 points will win the bet. Received a prize of 200 baht, including the capital.