What is playing baccarat

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Baccarat online (Baccarat) is the name of a type of card where the word Baccarat. Baccarat is a French word. Which is translated from the roots of the Italian language that means zero by the person who invented the UFABET game of baccarat. He is named Felix Falguirin (Felix Falguiren), he is an Italian gambler. It has been used in France of King Charles VIII. Which was during the war between France and Italy in AD 1494

Which is currently playing baccarat. Has a different form than before. Which nowadays, baccarat is played more easily than ever before. To be known in our house is to play poker bounce in our house itself. But there are additional rules and playing away from poker a little bounce

How to play it is The cards will be dealt into 2 piles and divided into the player’s side (Player) and the banker’s side (Banker) for you to choose to bet on any side. If the card on the side that you bet have a maximum score of 9 or similar and must be greater than the other side that is not betting You will win that bet immediately.

But if any side has cards less than 5 points. The system will allow you to draw 1 more card, but if the card comes out, it appears that the points are equal, it will be counted as a tie. The tie side (Tie) you will receive up to 8 times the bet immediately.

What is playing baccarat