10 techniques to reduce fat Building muscle for people aged 40+

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Turning 40 is a powerful experience. Filled with wisdom that has been accumulated for a long time. Valuable life lessons and examples of many strong women . Your health is better than ever in your 40s. However, losing weight at this age can be a little more difficult. Because when we enter the age of 40, the body will begin to lose muscle mass. Affects overall body composition “Having more muscle mass Affects energy metabolism Makes the body burn more calories But if you lose muscle mass Metabolic system will work more slowly. As a result, the body burns fewer calories.

10 techniques to reduce fat Building muscle for people aged 40+

Menopause is another factor that affects the metabolism. Although for some women The full effects may not appear until age 50, but women generally begin to experience menopause. Which is a transition period before entering menopause at age 40. Hormonal changes during pre-menopause. Affects your ability to lose weight. But that’s okay, you can still achieve your weight loss goals with these 10 fat loss techniques. Building muscle for people aged 40+

10 techniques to reduce fat Building muscle for people aged 40+

1. Start exercising easily. for good health

If you don’t know how to exercise There are many at-home exercises, such as high-knee running, shuffling, and jumping jacks, without requiring you to do everything at the same time. It is further recommended that daily walking and stretching are also important. “Try to move your body for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week.

Be careful not to overdo your exercise. Even if you seriously intend to lose weight But remember that rest days are important too. Because your body will recognize this as stress. And the metabolism will slow down in order to preserve accumulated fat.

2. Don’t forget to strengthen your muscles with strength training.

Strength training is key. For beginners, adding strength training into your routine might be easy. Just grab a water bottle and use it as a dumbbell. Then try swinging your arms in circles or doing side arm extensions. Also, consider adding full-body strength training to your existing exercise program. Approximately one to two days per week.

You should also focus on each muscle group separately within the week. “Break it into days by days. Back and biceps, chest, shoulders, triceps, then add cardio and core exercises the next two days. This program answers all needs. There is strength training to build muscle. Cardio to improve cardiovascular health and core exercises to help with balance and movement.

3. Full for a long time with protein Adding fruits and vegetables helps control weight.

Our bodies have to work harder. (meaning more calories are burned) in digesting protein More than fat or carbohydrates Therefore, it is recommended that increasing protein intake from 15% of total calories to 30% can help increase calorie burn during digestion.

Clinical research has also found that a diet high in protein not only helps with weight loss. But it also helps prevent the weight from coming back. According to a 2020 study published in the Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome, protein increases satiety. and increase energy use

Sarah Merkin, Registered Dietitian The author of Fill Your Plate Lose the Weight recommends eating about 20-30 grams of protein per meal. Eating the right amount of protein with every meal. And this includes eating snacks that are high in protein. is important Merkin said. “This helps prevent the breakdown of muscle protein. This results in a decrease in muscle mass, increased fat, and decreased metabolic rate.”

Another tip? Focus on eating fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables that are often low in calories. But still rich in vitamins and minerals. You can eat vegetables to your heart’s content. “These vegetables are high in fiber. Helps you feel full and rich in nutrients,” Dr. Peter said. A 2020 study in the journal Nutrients pointed out that Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables Consistently associated with weight loss in women

Palinski-Wade State that bringing fruits and vegetables to be the heroes of the meal It also helps control the amount of food. “If you aim to fill half your plate with vegetables, you will reduce the amount of other foods you eat, while still feeling full. And because vegetables are low in calories This strategy can help reduce your overall calorie intake in each meal. It can promote weight loss.”

4. Meal time is important.

What do you eat in the morning? Affects weight loss throughout the day Breakfast rich in protein, fiber and plant fats. It is the best option to reduce hunger. and appetite symptoms in the ensuing period,” Palinski-Wade Start your day with breakfast according to these principles. You may eat fewer calories throughout the day.

On the other side, be careful what you eat at night. Palinski-Wade said the belief that eating at night leads to weight gain is a myth. But it’s more what you eat that affects weight control. “Since most of us don’t snack on salads as a midnight snack, if you tend to eat a high-calorie, sugar-laden meal in the evening (such as a scoop of ice cream), it’s important to set a time to stop eating. It may help you lose weight faster,” suggests Palinski-Wade.

5. Eat food slowly.

The delicious dish you just ordered or planned to prepare yourself. It may make you eat it all within a few bites. But that’s not a good idea. Palinski-Wade said, “Eating slowly Eliminate distractions while eating Even placing a fork between bites All of this helps you recognize your body’s fullness signals. and stop taking it when you feel like you’ve had enough,” she said.

There is scientific work supporting this idea. Some researchers think Having food in the mouth for a longer time May promote hormone release from the gut which reduces appetite According to a large research analysis in the 2022 Nutrition Bulletin.

The key is to listen to your body. “Eat when you are hungry. It’s not an empty stomach,” Merkin said. “And stop eating when you are full. Not too dense.” “Try to eat small, frequent meals that are rich in protein, vegetables, and small amounts of good fats. To fuel the https://ufabet999.app body regularly throughout the day,” she said.

6.Reduce stress Get enough sleep Secret formula to weight loss

Stress, which many women experience, increases as people age, work, and family responsibilities increase. This results in an increase in hormones such as cortisol, which causes the body to store fat instead of burning it.

Palinski-Wade It is recommended to practice breathing exercises every day. especially before bed to reduce stress Another option? Eat foods rich in vitamin C. and omega-3 fatty acids which Palinski-Wade said has the effect of reducing the levels of stress hormones circulating in the body.

Adequate sleep is also essential to reducing stress. But sleep problems It may be one of the symptoms of menopause. Therefore, it is not uncommon for women in their 40s to experience problems with not getting enough sleep. Which can affect weight gain as well. “When you get less than 7 hours of deep sleep, there are changes in your metabolism. This makes it much more difficult to lose weight,” said Palinski-Wade. “Levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin increase, while leptin, which controls hunger signals, decreases. Down stimulates the appetite for more food. Especially foods rich in fat and sugar, insulin resistance also increases. It affects the accumulation of fat in the body,” she explains.

7. Don’t forget to drink lots of water.

You’ve probably heard this phrase often, but try drinking more water to help you lose weight. Research suggests that drinking more water reduces appetite. and increase fat burning at least You should drink 2 liters or 8 glasses of water per day and if you exercise. You may need to drink more. But there are other factors. Many things affect how much water you need, so it’s good to set personal water goals.

8. Reduce sugary drinks and alcohol.

“Sodas contain empty calories from sugar and have no nutritional benefit,” Palinski-Wade said. A 2020 study in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity found that Drinking this type of drink Directly affects weight gain Even for people who exercise regularly.

In addition to losing weight Drinking simple sugar can also have a negative effect on your health. This is because it causes blood sugar and insulin levels to spike. As a result, the body accumulates more fat. And this type of fat becomes harder to lose once you’re over 40, says Palinski-Wade.

You should also reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. It’s a simple method. in reducing calories It also has a positive effect on your health in the long run. Even moderate alcohol consumption It may affect the benefits of weight loss in premenopausal women who are obese. As evidence confirms, “In addition, frequent alcohol use It also leads to unhealthy food choices,” Dr. Peter stated.

Focus on reduction, not elimination. Palinski-Wade It is recommended to drink alcohol only one day per week. This is because it stimulates the appetite. and makes it easy to overeat

9. Record your food intake with the app.

Consider tracking what you eat with a food journaling app. These apps can help you. Palinski-Wade said people who keep track of what they eat They are more likely to lose weight than people who don’t follow it. “This is a result of them becoming more aware of what they put into their bodies. This helps them make better decisions. and control the amount of food appropriately,” she explained.

Doctor Peter Say that if you’re not sure how many calories you need to maintain your weight. You can use a calorie calculator. “These tools will tell you how many calories you need. to maintain weight based on your gender, age, height and activity level,” she said.

10. The power of support from those around you.

No matter what age you are Having a support system It will help you not to abandon your goals. Doctor Peter and Palinski-Wade agree The results of the 2022 study found that having both responsibility and support from family members Affects long-term commitment Continue the weight loss program

Palinski-Wade said eating a healthy diet Much easier to do When family and friends There’s no pressure on you to eat another cookie. Moreover, If you could persuade a friend to be your workout partner, It’s even more excellent. “Having friends waiting at the gym It will help you be more motivated to exercise,” Palinski-Wade said.

Even if we don’t go to the gym together. or do the same exercise But the partner who keeps track of the results It can be the person you message. (and receive messages from) on days when you don’t want to exercise as planned. They will help remind you of the “why” you intend to lose weight.