How to help “Food-foreign objects stuck in throat” correctly

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People can live for many days without water and food, but if they are “lacked with air” they can only survive for a few minutes. There are many causes of asphyxia. But the reason for this is that it happened immediately. Until we were almost unprepared, it was food or a foreign object stuck in our throat. It goes into and blocks the windpipe.

How to help "Food-foreign objects stuck in throat" correctly

The Spartan Doctor page therefore recommends ways to help people with food problems. Or there is a foreign object that has slipped into the trachea.

A foreign body stuck in the trachea is one of the few conditions that require assistance in seconds (other diseases. Even coronary artery disease or cerebral hemorrhage, can take minutes to get to the hospital).

Must provide first aid first only. There will be no taking you to the hospital to wait for help because you won’t be able to make it in time. (but please call the hospital car and wait in case of severe blockage or loss of consciousness).

This is always possible for children and grandchildren as well as adults and the elderly. All of us should learn how to prevent and correct it. and teach caregivers how to do it as well

>> Prevention is better than cure: Be careful of food that is hard enough to get stuck in your windpipe or be a round, slippery lump that might fall off without time to chew.

// Also, always look at children’s items and toys in the house to make sure there are no small parts that could be put into the mouth and cause choking.

>> When an event occurs

Point 1 within a moment To do it quickly is You may try opening your mouth to look at the foreign object. Because sometimes it is a sticky or large object that is still in the upper mouth and can be removed.

>> The caveat is: If you can’t see it, we don’t recommend digging into it. Because sometimes it may push foreign objects deeper than before.

If you can’t see it, you shouldn’t waste time and go straight to point 2.

Item 2 “Procedures to increase intrathoracic pressure”

Shaking and holding the head upside down cannot cause foreign objects to come out of the windpipe.

The good news is that the object is blocking the windpipe. We can press from outside to increase the pressure in the ufabet chest and then the pressure in the trachea will increase accordingly, pushing the blocked object out.

It is easily divided as follows (read and look at the pictures)

– Children under 1 year old: Lie on your back supported by your arms or lap. Press straight down with two fingers. Around the middle of the sternum 5 times. Alternating face down, head facing down, supporting with arms. and slap the lap with the palm of the middle of the back 5 times