OFFICIAL : Thai national team, Deng Mano, ready to appoint a Japanese coach to officially lead the army.

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Mano Polking has been relieved of his position as head coach of the Thai national team. Along with Masatada Ishii, a Japanese coach Officially joining the ทางเข้า ufabet team

Victory over Singapore Unable to save chair Mano Polking < a i=4>. He was relieved of his position as head coach of the Thai national team already today. Along with that as Japanese coach. Officially join the team instead.Masatada Ishii Manager of the War Elephants announced the appointment of “Madame Pang” Nuanphan Lamsam

OFFICIAL : Thai national team, Deng Mano, ready to appoint a Japanese coach to officially lead the army.

The Thai national team passed the first 2 games of the 2026 World Cup qualifying round in the Asian zone with 3 points in hand from losing to China 1-2 at home before making amends by defeating Singapore 3-1 last Tuesday.

But despite coming back to victory in the latest game Still not enough for Mano Polking, the Brazilian-German coach, to continue, having already been fired. After making the War Elephants a total of 37 matches (Won 21, Draw 8, Lost 8) since September 2021

At the same time, it was announced that Masatada Ishii, a 56-year-old Japanese coach, would take over. In the past, this former Kashima Antlers coach had been involved with Thai football for a while. After coming to work with Samut Prakan City between 2019-2021 and Buriram United 2021-2023

However, the length of the contract that Ishii has with the Thai national team has not been disclosed this time.

Madam Pang released a statement and confirmed that As a team manager He has always worked fully under his own duties and responsibilities. and never interfered with the coach in football in any way

“The 2026 World Cup Qualifying Round, Asia Zone Round 2. Which has just passed 2 matches, cannot be denied that everyone is expecting and hoping for the most. The same applies to all powders and athletes. But when the work does not meet the goals set Especially the first match where we lost to China 1-2 at home, which was damaging and had a huge effect on our chances of making it to the 3rd round in the remaining 4 games. So Pang informed the president of the association and had a conversation with the coach. No I think it’s time for a change to happen. So that the Thai national team will be more prepared when it comes to meeting teams at the Asian level.”

“Before we parted ways on good terms. As a team manager Pang must thank Coach Mano. Including the team of coaches who are dedicated and committed to their duties over the past 2 years, which at least has made the Thai people happy. is to lead the Thai national team to win the ASEAN Championship 2 times in a row”

“For the new head coach position. We have given the utmost consideration. Before reaching the conclusion that we would appoint Masatada Ishii, the Japanese coach. With a team of personal coaching staff Come in and take your place immediately.”

“Due to the limited time conditions before the Asian Cup final in Qatar in January 2024 and the remaining 4 World Cup qualifying matches, we had to select the coach who knows, is familiar with, and has the most information on the Thai national team players. Including Coach Ishii, he also has experience. And the results are evident at the J-League and Thai League levels, including on the World Club Football Championship stage.”

“And most importantly, Japan is still a model country in terms of football in Asia. and is ranked among the top 20 in the world, so it is believed that Coach Ishii is the most suitable person for us right now and powder is ready to fully support the work”

Ishii is the second Japanese manager to take on the job, following Akira Nishino, who held the job with the War Elephants from 2019-2021.