Scaloni is unsure about his future as manager of the “Blue-White” army.

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• Scaloni just won Argentina the World Cup in December 2022

• They lost 1 out of 10 games they played and the game they lost was the game. The first time they conceded a goal after winning the World Cup.

Scaloni is unsure about his future as manager of the "Blue-White" army.

Lionel Scaloni, manager of the Argentine national team Confirming that he is still unsure about his future in taking the job of managing his own national team.

Scaloni, 45, has a contract with the national team until the middle of 2026. He took over the team in August 2018 and led the team to win the Copa America and the 2022 World Cup in the past, sending the name of SKA. Loni has become a legend in this country by default. However, in the latest round of interviews He insists he is not yet sure about his career with the national team.

“Argentina It is necessary to have an energetic coach to perform at their best. As for me, I need to start thinking. I’ve had a lot to think about lately. The players on the โปรโมชั่น ufabet team work hard for our team. So I had to think about what I was doing. It wasn’t a goodbye or anything. It’s just something I have to think about.”

“Because now the standards that we do are very high. And there’s confusion in there about moving forward. and confused about how to continue winning Of course I want to talk with Argentine Football Association Including the players after this.”

Scaloni managed Argentina in 66 games, winning 48, drawing 12, losing 6.